Three Important Tips When Filing A Diminished Auto Value Claim

7 January 2020
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After getting involved in an accident, your vehicle won't be as valuable as it used to be. Even if repairs are made and your vehicle is as good as new, the value won't be the same. This is known as diminished value. If you're in this spot, then filing a claim may be necessary. These tips will help you through this process.  Check Insurance Company's Policy It should be noted that not every insurance company will compensate you for these diminished auto claims. Read More 

Winter Trucking Troubles: 4 Tips To Troubleshoot Your Road Troubles When You Get Stuck In A Storm

4 December 2019
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During the winter months, you try to do everything to keep your truck on the road and avoid troubles. Even though you have done everything in your power, there are a lot of things that can happen during a winter storm. You want to be able to handle the situation until you can get help and your truck to the repair shop. The following tips will help you with your winter truck troubles, so you can get to the repair service for help. Read More 

Need To Get Your Transmission Looked At? What To Do Before You Hit The Shop

11 November 2019
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If you know there is a major problem with your vehicle and you think the transmission is going, plan ahead and get the car looked at. You want to get the vehicle in while you can still drive it, instead of having to pay a towing bill or driving it until it breaks down on your somewhere. A mechanical shop can get the vehicle in, but to look at the transmission can take hours. Read More 

How To Make Your Car Dealer More Customer-Friendly

13 August 2019
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If you own a car dealership then you know just how important it is for you to make all of your customers happy. Remember that the happier your customers are, the more likely they will be to buy cars, and the more successful your auto dealership will be overall. One of the best ways that you can keep your customers happy is by providing a nice, easy, and helpful customer experience to them, but how? Read More 

Does Your High-End Vehicle Need A Repair? 3 Reasons To Visit A Shop That Specializes In Luxury Vehicles

18 July 2019
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The buying process for your luxury vehicle likely required a lot of time and thought. You likely compared the specs and prices of different vehicles among the different dealerships in your area. You may have even gotten down to researching every last detail, such as what types of materials you wanted in the interior of the vehicle. Now that you have your luxury car, you need to develop a relationship with a repair shop that can handle everything from routine maintenance to complicated repairs that keep the engine running. Read More